The brand

The brand

Customer opinion

“Uniquely relaxing for purity of body and spirit.”


The brand

Moments of indulgence for my well-being

We at aldoVANDINI believe in the transformative power of moments of care and indulgence. For more than 25 years, aldoVANDINI combines skin care and inner well-being as an inseparable unit With a lot of passion and knowledge aldoVANDINI has created everyday body and skin care into a special moment. The combination of unique, exclusive fragrances and rich formulas bring a touch of luxury to our daily lives.

We all need different types of skin care and relaxation, and accordingly the scent can inspire us, unlock our personality, make us feel warm and secure or help us rediscover our natural selves. And all that made in Germany. With the conviction that great skin care experiences need sharing, aldoVANDINI lovingly creates new, elegant gift ideas, as well as products which would always make a welcome gift.

Our promise

There’s more to aldoVANDINI!

Effective skin care is even more desirable when a consistent brand philosophy, a clear direction and strong values stand behind it. Let us explain.

No animal cruelty

aldoVANDINI is against animal experimentation, does not test its products or ingredients on animals and does not commission anyone else to do so. It is our view that enough effective, top-quality, safe ingredients are already available without this testing. We want you to know that experiments on animals for cosmetic purposes are banned in the EuropeanUnion. If you’re interested in hearing more, you can consult the legislation here.

Made in Germany

We make our products in Germany. And not only that, most of our packaging and raw materials come from Germany too. We have a centralised value chain based at our two sites in Siegelsbach, southern Germany.


We care deeply about using natural resources responsibly.
That’s why most of the electricity used for our production is generated by an
in-house photovoltaic system. Water is also a valuable resource: we conserve it by using a water treatment plant.


At aldoVANDINI, we make sure we avoid using animal products wherever possible. Sometimes we do use products such as beeswax because of their unique properties; we label all our products that are suitable for vegans. Further details of our ingredients are provided on the packaging.

‘Green’ exfoliants

aldoVANDINI products do not use microbeads, which damage our environment. We make the exfoliating particles from either apricot kernels or volcanic glass, also known as perlite. These substances are degradable, do not enter the food chain and are environmentally friendly.

No parabens

aldoVANDINI products are free from parabens. We use skin-friendly, well tolerated alternatives to parabens to preserve our products.


We are currently in the steady process of manufacturing our aldoVANDINI products without any silicones, as environmental protection is of great importance to us. Silicones are responsible for a pleasant and soft skin feeling and are in no way harmful to humans. They cannot, however, be completely filtered by sewage treatment plants, thus ending up in our rivers and seas where they are slowly broken down.

The story behind the name

Who is aldoVANDINI?

The name does not hide a new designer or unknown fashion label, as some believe. It was inspired by the Italian language. If aldoVANDINI was a man, this is how we think he would look.

The advert (only in German language)
Our aims

Sophisticated and high-quality design for the perfect gift

Our top-quality skin care products are not only lovely to use and indulgently fragranced, they also look exceptionally good! We pay particular attention to the packaging. Our designers are always creating new gift collections and imaginative packaging, with great care and attention. That’s what makes aldoVANDINI the perfect present – for your friends, neighbours or indeed as a special ‘thank you’. We can all enjoy a little luxury.

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