Relaxation & skin care in one

Relaxation & skin care in one

To get a pleasant massage after a stressful day - just this thought - brings back your inner smile. For therapeutic use or for your home-massage, aldoVANDINI has the perfect massage product for every need and every occasion. Get inspired!

Facial Exfoliator Brush

Basalt Lava Pumice Stone


2-in-1 Massage Miracle

Wet Massage Gloves made of natural materials dry best in the fresh, open air!

Soft massage or stronger exfoliation? Everything is possible: the coarse surface of the Sisal activates the circulation of the skin, the soft Ramie surface is best used for especially soft skin like the décolleté or the neck.

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Sisal Ramie Massage Glove

Natural Bristle Bath Brush]

Natural Bristle Nail Brush

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