White Lotus & Diamond Dust

Beautiful skin

The spotlight is on you! Experience the secret of beautiful, radiant skin. Our innovative luminescent technology lets your beauty shine in the right light. FLight-reflecting particles transform incoming light and let your complexion shine evenly. Any irregularities in your skin structure and appearance will be less noticeable, the products will leave a supple feeling and an alluring fragrance on your skin.

LUMINISING Beautifying Body Lotion

LUMINISING Perfecting Hand Cream SPF 15


Light-reflecting particles and Diamond Dust for a brilliant appearance

The double secret for perfect, radiant skin: The natural scrub made from polylactic acid and finely ground oyster shells is so gentle it can even be used on your delicate décolleté.

It's almost magic! Directly after applying, any uneven areas of your skin and décolleté will appear retouched, like a soft-focus lens.

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LUMINISING Refining Body Scrub

LUMINISING Décolleté Retouch Cream

BRIGHTENING Refining Facial Exfoliator & Leave-on Mask

BRIGHTENING Instant Effect Eye Serum

LUMINISING Beautifying Body Spray

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