“Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.”
- Sophia Loren

- Sophia Loren

Mann & Schröder

Over 60 years of experience in cosmetics and skin care

Mann & Schröder GmbH produces aldoVANDINI products, as well as many other skin and hair care brands. For over 60 years, Mann & Schröder has been developing creative brand concepts and successfully implementing them in Germany and abroad.

We export our skin care products to over 80 countries: from the small town of Siegelsbach in Swabia to the wider world. The beauty of it is: our entire value chain is located in Germany, which guarantees top quality products, made in Germany.

Our vision

High-quality beauty care for everyone

Beauty has no age limits, no restrictions, no crises – only good care. Our mission is to create cosmetic products for a healthy and well-cared appearance regardless of age and income. We operate worldwide and are always on the lookout for innovative new beauty recipes. And we are constantly improving: If we know our customers, we will know their needs. We are always striving for meeting our customers’ needs, as best we can.

Jobs and career opportunities

Inspired by passion

In order to create top beauty products, we need employees who know their special crafts, are full of enthusiasm, have powerful ideas and love making each day a little bit better. Mann & Schröder GmbH is a major employer in the Heilbronn region. Our decision to keep both production sites in the town where we were founded shows our allegiance to the region, and to Germany as a business location. We are also proud that our employees come from far-away places to join us, from well beyond our home region.

We have now grown to around 680 employees, but have kept all the benefits of a flat hierarchy. We revisited our organisational structure in 2012 and adjusted it to the challenges of current and future markets. Our flat, transparent organisational structure gives every employee the opportunity to play a part in our company, and helps to shape strategically important projects through their work and responsibilities.

Excited?. Then apply now!

Current vacancies
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